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In discovery-driven planning learning is an essential unit of progress. A course correction isn’t equivalent to failure, it’s opportunity to re-calibrate so you can move more quickly up the learning curve. If you don’t discover your talent, your competitors will!

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PeoplwHawk’s data rich profiles are based around Live Profile Cards, available in the cloud 24/7. The cards not only include the candidate’s biographical data, but also scientifically backed insights such as personality traits and workstyles. So getting to know your applicants and existing staff has never been easier. The profiles also include video recorded elevator pitches and infographic resumes making recruitment and resourcing decisions a breeze.

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Send A Request.

All you need to do is to send a link to each job applicant asking them to complete their profile. Once they’ve completed their profile you’ll be immediately notified and you have access to their Live Profile Cards.

Receive A Recruit.

After that, all you need to do is sit back, evaluate and decide. Over a coffee, of course! Because it’s as easy as that. So, why not take your own advice and get an account today.

Applicant Tracking & Assessment

A more
human resource.

Easy to access. Easy to manage. Once your applicants click on their free premium PeopleHawk® profile link you’ll immediately be able to track their progress. And when they complete their scientifically-backed profile you’ll be able to start assessing their candidacy, even before the closure date of the post. That way you get ahead of the competition.

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