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Students & Graduates

For students, graduates and young professionals, it has never been harder to get a foot on the career ladder. And with stiff competition for graduate jobs and opportunities, it’s never been more important to stand out from the crowd. But how?

Students & Graduates
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Experienced Candidates

Old-schoolers believe experienced workers will perform better, and will need less training and less time to get up-to-speed. But a growing body of scientific research confirms there is little evidence that work experience alone reliably predicts job performance. And hiring managers are already on to this.

Experienced Candidates
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If you work in the digital world, you need an interactive digital career profile. A traditional CV or resume won’t land you your next technology opportunity because employer expectations have moved on. You need to showcase your strengths and abilities in a way that makes you stand out from the crowd. A way that will enable you to connect directly with leading influencers and employers in order to land you top IT jobs.

PeopleHawk for IT Professionals
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Independent Contractors & Freelancers

If you’re still relying on job boards, recruiters and LinkedIn to find work then you’re going to struggle, because things have changed. And if you’re still using that standby, outdated, chronological, traditional resume when you’re competing against other, often more dynamic candidates you’ll increasingly end up wondering whether your phone is on silent.

Independent Contractors & Freelancers

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