Greenhouse Manager

Job Description:

A Greenhouse Manager oversees the cultivation and maintenance of plants within a greenhouse, ensuring optimal growth conditions and managing staff and resources for efficient plant production.

Job Category:
Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing

What you will do:

As a greenhouse manager, you will be:

  • Supervising the care and cultivation of plants, including monitoring growth conditions, pest control, and disease management
  • Planning and scheduling planting, harvesting, and crop rotation to optimise yields and maintain plant health
  • Managing greenhouse resources, including water, fertiliser, soil, and equipment, to ensure efficient plant production
  • Overseeing and coordinating the work of greenhouse staff, including hiring, training, and scheduling
  • Ensuring the quality and health of plants, including conducting regular inspections and implementing corrective actions as needed
  • Monitoring and adjusting environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, and lighting to create ideal growing conditions
  • Maintaining accurate records of plant inventory, supplies, and equipment
  • Managing budgets for greenhouse operations, including cost control and financial planning
  • Staying updated with industry trends and new technologies in horticulture to improve plant quality and productivity
  • Enforcing safety protocols and regulations for staff working in the greenhouse
  • In some cases, participating in marketing and sales efforts to sell greenhouse products to wholesalers or retail customers
  • Overseeing maintenance and repair of greenhouse structures and equipment
  • Maintaining detailed records of crop growth, environmental conditions, and inventory for analysis and planning
  • Implementing sustainable and eco-friendly practices in greenhouse operations, such as water conservation and waste reduction


You will need:

  • A strong foundation in horticulture, including plant biology, growth cycles, and cultivation techniques
  • knowledge in pest control and environmental control
  • knowledge in crop management and resource management
  • knowledge in budgeting and record-keeping
  • knowledge of sustainable and eco-friendly practices in greenhouse operations
  • the ability to identify various plant species and understand their specific care requirements

As well as:

Illustration of employee looking at workspace

Entry Requirements:

To become a Greenhouse Manager, there are no specific subjects that are required. However, it’s beneficial to take subjects that develop foundational skills useful in horticulture and agriculture management, including:

  1. Biology: Provides a fundamental understanding of plant biology, which is crucial in greenhouse management.
  2. Chemistry: Helps in understanding soil chemistry, fertilisers, and pesticide application.
  3. Mathematics: Develops strong quantitative skills, which are useful in tasks like calculating fertiliser amounts or greenhouse budgeting.
  4. Environmental Science: Offers insights into environmental factors affecting plant growth and greenhouse management.
  5. Design and Technology: Provides basic knowledge of design principles and technology, which can be applied to greenhouse infrastructure.
  6. Business Studies (Optional): Useful for understanding business aspects if you plan to manage a commercial greenhouse.

Post School

Educational Background

Bachelor’s Degree: Most Greenhouse Manager positions require at least a bachelor’s degree in horticulture, agriculture, plant science, or a closely related field.

Advanced Degree (Optional): Some larger or specialised operations may prefer candidates with master’s degrees or higher.


Entry-Level Experience: Begin your career in horticulture or greenhouse operations, often in roles like greenhouse worker, assistant, or supervisor, to gain hands-on experience.

Supervisory Experience: Progress to roles with supervisory responsibilities to build management skills.

Certifications (Optional)

Obtaining certifications related to greenhouse management or horticulture, such as those from the American Horticultural Society, can enhance your qualifications.

Physical Fitness

Greenhouse management may involve physical labor, so maintaining good physical health is beneficial.

Working Hours and Environment:

Greenhouse Managers typically work full-time hours, with variations based on the season, and split their time between the greenhouse, office, and occasional outdoor work, ensuring plant health and overseeing staff.

Career Path & Progression:

The typical career path for a Greenhouse Manager involves starting with education, gaining entry-level experience, specialising, advancing to supervisory roles, becoming a Greenhouse Manager, and potentially pursuing entrepreneurship or advanced positions based on experience and goals.