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FAQs on Professional Portfolio or Career Portfolio

The word career is used to refer to a profession, occupation, trade or vocation. In simple terms, a career is what you do for a living. It also refers to the path and experiences you have undertaken throughout your working life. As you move up the career ladder you gain more experience and join other career builders. In this context, a career includes everything related to your career development, including your choice or profession and advancement.

Customer service is a good job to get in to, especially since it’s increasingly important for organisations to focus on customer experience. There are so many career options open to customer services representatives. A lot of people use customer service jobs to springboard into different careers. Other people make an entire career out of helping others. Customer service experience helps you learning how to have patience with people and communicate well. It also helps you build relationships outside of work.

Try PeopleHawk’s Personality test to see if a career in customer service is right for your personality.

Check out PeopleHawk’s Career Explorer to find the skills required for a customer services career path.

The health care industry is booming industry and offers a diverse range of job options, with differing skills and interests. The demand for health care professionals is expected to grow significantly in the coming decades, making it a great job choice regardless of career strategies, especially those looking for stability and job security. Healthcare care can be a satisfying choice for people who love helping others and who are interested in science, technology, medicine, and math.

Before you decide on a healthcare career, try PeopleHawk’s Personality Test.

Then go see the skills required for healthcare professionals using PeopleHawk’s Career Explorer.