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What is your work style?

Learn what you have to offer potential employers by unearthing the skills you bring to the table using our personality database quiz. It’s the only way to present your best self. Take our free career test to determine your optimal career path and  rank your working styles, including:

Leadership Skills
Adaptability Skills
Creative Skills
Teamwork Skills
Ambition / Drive
Organisation Skills

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Big 5 Personality Traits Test

Fire up our Big 5 personality test to determine your personality type. Our personality assessment covers everything you need to get the best out of your life and career. See all your Big Five Personality Traits:

Openness to Experience
Emotional Stability

Big 5 Personality Traits Test

So, what's your Personality?

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The Big 5 Personality Test is the best psychometric test there is at predicting success in life and careers. Take our free personality test to discover what truly motivates you and the dominant personality traits that make you who you are.

1. Pioneer

Pioneers enable change and adaptation, and pay attention to the changing environment. They spot important trends, express ideas, anticipate change, and manage uncertainty and risk.

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2. Broker

Brokers enjoy making new contacts and maintaining existing relations. They are communicative and open. They are able to exert influence and make use of their networks to get results.

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3. Achiever

Achievers are task-oriented and focused. They make high demands on themselves and others. Competitive and able to tolerate stress, they continuously aim high and track their results.

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4. Director

Directors are long term thinkers, focused on the future. They seek to clarify expectations through processes, planning and setting goals. They tend to be an initiator who defines problems.

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5. Anchor

The Anchor maintains the structure and flow. They are trustworthy and reliable, and focused on tasks such as organising and coordinating efforts of the team, dealing with logistical issues.

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6. Analyst

Analysts know what is happening by breaking problems apart to see all the alternatives. They focus on gathering information and data, and looking at situations from different perspectives.

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7. Shaper

The Shaper promotes cooperation and teamwork. They are typically process-oriented, contributing to cohesion and morale, establishing participation and promoting team problem solving.

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8. Mentor

Mentors achieve success by developing people through a caring and compassionate approach. They are helpful, caring, sensitive, approachable, open and fair. Mentors listen to others.

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Emotional Intelligence Test

Our personality test also measures emotional intelligence in the workplace. High emotional intelligence helps you to succeed at work. And build strong relationships. That’s why colleges and employers measure it!

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A Career Test Like No Other!

Take our free career quiz and decide your optimal career path. Our career assessment will measure your soft skills, including leadership skills, teamwork, organisation and creative skills. Using your greatest strengths, we’ll then recommend the careers that best suit your career interests.

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Philippa Marchant - Profile Image

I love this app and wish I had found it sooner! Great work PeopleHawk, in creating such a super, easy to use personality type test. And for making it free!

Marketing Manager

This is an amazing Big Five personality test. The 6-page guide showed how I ranked across the working styles employers typically measure.

College Student
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I used PeopleHawk’s free personality generator to help me prepare for my fist major job application. Thank you Peoplehawk, because I now have my dream job!

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