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Team Pro®
Get the right players on the team.

It’s becoming a must-have for businesses to develop and align a workforce to its strategic goals. But if there’s so much information out there about teamwork and collaboration, why do so many businesses still struggle with cohesion? Well, that’s because you must first understand who you’re working with and that understanding depends on an input most managers don’t have: workplace behavioural data.

The data that tells you what drives your employees at work. Without this information, it’s nearly impossible to create a successful team.


Think of it this way: you’re putting together a quiz team but you can only pick the team based on how your prospects look. You don’t know what their strengths or weaknesses are, or even what their specialist subjects are. That’s what building teams is like without data to drive the process.

The good news is it’s not terribly difficult to obtain this information because PeopleHawk’s® scientifically-backed personality quiz does all that for you, starting with an understanding of who’s currently on your team, what comes naturally to them and what requires them to stretch outside their comfort zone?

Then, our super-intelligent TeamPro® tool enables Team Leads to set up team goals and plot each individual team member’s strengths against those goals, graphically displaying, probably for the very first time how your current team maps to your strategy. PeopleHawk®: The power is in the team.

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