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My Perfect Resume - Get Your VisuaI CV In Seconds

Looking to create a visually appealing resume for an internship or a dynamic resume for a first job? Or maybe you want to build a technical resume or skills based resume? Either way, we’ve got you covered!

You see, paper resumes and CVs are so “old school”. And just like Linkedin profiles, they’re fast becoming outdated because they say precious little about personality and potential.

Instead, an Infographic Resume or Visual CV will immediately display who you are and what you’re capable of.

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The #1 Infographic Resume and Visual CV Builder.
Trusted To Land Your Dream Job.

Using the latest design skills, as well as modern visual elements, including a colour resume header, resume picture, graphics of years of experience, bar charts and other data our online resume builder will create an easy to read, visual CV  to fast track your job search. And what’s more, it’s the ideal resume length at only one page long, which means there’s no need to continue with that black & white 2 page resume any longer.

Pondering about cover letter vs resume. No need. We’ve got the right Virtual CV template for the job

From students, apprentices and recent graduates to managers and CEOs, and every job in between. Regardless of your career objective, job title, job description or relevant skills.

Business Analyst Resume : Computer Science Resume : IT Resume : Data Science Resume : Project Manager Resume : And so many more…

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