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Universities and colleges experience the exact same challenges as employers – having to select, train and develop their talent. One might argue the ultimate measure of success is employability.

Professional networking sites have little impact on the job success of undergraduates. But with PeopleHawk® students are able to curate their career assets throughout their studies, and leverage scientifically backed features to maximise their chances of getting employed.

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Universities have become increasingly focused on International Students, who now make up more that 20% of the total student population at some institutions. The average seems to be more akin to 5-10 per cent, but regardless it is clear that International Students are not just accounting for substantial proportions of the total student population at Universities, they also account for a significant slice of University revenues.

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Be the difference.

With increased fragmentation of the classic there-year degree, a rise in apprenticeships and increased competition for students Universities face a range of fresh challenges. On top of all that there are the unique challenges in targeting, engaging and assessing those all important International Students. One of the key obstacles Universities must overcome is to have the right tools to streamline the application and assessment process. Enter PeopleHawk.

Every Student. Future Ready.

With a cloud based portal for students to create data rich digital profiles, that are available to both students and Universities 24/7 the application and assessment process has never been easier. Not only that, with PeopleHawk, students immediately feel like the University has truly invested in them right up front, by providing personality guides and other scientifically backed features the students can leverage not just for their application, but also their future in terms of employment.


Universities and colleges are measured on employability whether they like it or not. But there is some debate over the precise measurement criteria, which seems to vary depending on who you ask. Ultimately though, it is fair to say that employability is about the capacity for graduates to function successfully in a role and be able to move between occupations, thus remaining employable throughout their life. It’s about the personality traits, strengths and abilities that make graduates more likely to gain employment in their chosen occupations.

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Regrettably, one university student told us that the single piece of advice given by her university about finding a job was to go to a well-known professional networking site and create a profile. Really? Is that what employability is about. Hardly!

The starting point for employability is for students to get to know themselves, their strengths, their abilities and to begin to frame conversations with prospective employers, practising interviews, responses to questions and so on. None of which a professional networking site will achieve. But over at PeopleHawk® we do all that as standard.

Success doesn’t just happen, you have to go find it!

It’s not the most intelligent who will survive, but the most adaptable.

As a university you’ll always want to rely on exam performance to make decisions. We get that! But as the challenges of further education become more complex, particularly in a post pandemic world the prospect of increased online learning poses additional challenges. For example, making sure your students are sufficiently adaptable to cope with unplanned disruption and new learning styles becomes even more critical to their success. And yours of course!

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But how do you independently and reliably measure character traits such as adaptability, ambition/drive and creativity? No personal statement will ever provide that body of evidence. Neither will exam grades.

That’s where PeopleHawk® comes in, with scientifically-backed candidate profiles that assess and report on leading personality traits, work styles and cognitive abilities in a way that best predicts candidate success. Because, when times change, so must we.

Sometimes when one person is missing, the whole world seems de-populated.

After all the time, effort and money expended by students and colleges its disappointing to see that so many students still drop out of their education. A recent survey found that in IT courses alone almost ten per cent of students drop out before graduation. Regardless of the numbers though, when a student drops out it’s not just disappointing, it’s a sign of failure. But how can we avoid such failures? By gathering a more rounded picture of candidates at the outset, of course. And in particular by incorporating more independently validated predictive data in to the decision-making process.

With PeopleHawk® universities and colleges can quickly and easily leverage insightful candidate profiles providing powerful predictive capability on candidates to make better choices for them and for you. Get to know your world better.

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