Intuitive Personality Testing

Unsure of your greatest strengths and capabilities? Tired of underselling your skills and potential?

Take our free personality test and get your unique 6 page guide (sample guide) detailing the traits that make you who you are.

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Rate Your Personality Traits

Our 6 page guide benchmarks how you rank across the 12 leading behaviours and work styles.

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Discover Your True Potential

Our personality guide has everything you need to get the best out of your life and career.

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Know Your Personality Type

Study yourself for a change. Know you’re right for the job, and the job is right for you!

Take the test here, best 10 minutes you’ll ever spend!

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Here’s what our Candidates say:
Philippa Marchant - Profile Image

I love this app and wish I had found it sooner! They got my personality spot on. I never truly appreciated how my character traits impacted how I interact with my colleagues at work. It's amazing what you don’t know about yourself. Great work PeopleHawk, in creating such a super, easy to use personality type test. And for making it free!

Marketing Manager


This is an amazing Big 5 personality test. It really helps you understand character vs personality. The character write ups are insightful, yet easy to read. And the 6 page personality guide shows how you stack up on the leading personality traits and working styles that you typically get measured on by employers and colleges.

College Student
Eunjin Oh - Profile Image

I used PeopleHawk’s free personality generator to help me prepare for my fist major job application. The insights in the reports were amazing. They helped me to understand why focusing on the job requirements is so important. Thank you Peoplehawk, because I now have my dream job!

Graphic Designer