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Understand your work style? Start with your personality type

Last Updated: 21.07.21

by Alan

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Everyone has their own distinctive work style. It reflects how you like to organise and complete your work. Maybe you at your best when you’re working independently and are responsible for your own routine and projects.  Or perhaps you prefer working in a team so that you get feedback on your ideas, with support and help keep you on track? 

Do you like paying close attention to details or are you more of a big picture person? Do you focus purely on facts, or does emotion influence how you deal with issues and challenges? Knowing what you like to do and understanding how you like to do it is vital to your career plan progression.

Identifying, understanding and embracing your work style allows you to recognise the roles and responsibilities in which you excel, which in turn enhances your productivity and success. It is also useful to uncover and understand your shortcomings and potential weaknesses, because it allows you to address them through personal and professional growth. 

So the temptation is to try to slot oneself into a specific work-style category: Logical; Detail Oriented; Supportive; Big Picture, Independent, etc. – the list goes on. But the real key to understanding your work style is to understand what drives it. And this means gaining a deep insight to your personality type. In fact, only by uncovering the essence of your personality type it is possible to gain an understanding of how and why you work.

Employers Want to Know your Work Style

That is why employers increasingly ask candidates to take personality tests during the hiring process; it gives them a better idea of the individual’s behaviour and overall outlook, as well as their approach to relationships and work. 

Here’s a thought. What if you could pre-empt the employer’s personality test by conducting your own test, right now! And what if that test were to give you a clear understanding of the behaviours that come naturally to you, as well as a quantified measure of your cognitive abilities? This is where PeopleHawk’s scientifically validated Personality Test comes in. It uses the widely accredited Big 5 personality factors:

  1. Openness,
  2. Conscientiousness,
  3. Extroversion,
  4. Agreeableness,
  5. Emotional Stability.

This adds in the one leading employers most look for – Emotional Intelligence. Why not take our free 10 minute personality test? It will uncover insights about your personality traits and work style, including those that employers typically seek to evidence, such as leadership, ambition/drive, creativity, teamwork, adaptability and organisation skills.

The evidence is clear – undertaking a personality assessment is a great way to identify and secure the position you want. By learning more about who you are, you are better placed to identify roles that will suit your nature and achieve your corporate goals.

Join PeopleHawk today to unlock your next opportunity.

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